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Credit Repair
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In today’s economy, with the large number of foreclosures, unemployment and huge credit card debts, one’s credit can easily be damaged. Late payments on loans can affect your credit for seven years and bankruptcy can affect you for at least ten years.

Judgements against you remain in effect for 20 years and can be extended an additional 20 years after that. With the help of Attorney Roger Elkind, your creditors will be contacted in an effort to settle your debts. In addition, Roger Elkind will write letters to the three major credit reporting agencies on your behalf, disputing your debt and forcing them to contact your creditors. If the creditors do not respond and verify the debt timely, the debt can be erased from your credit report, increasing your credit score each time this is accomplished.

Call for a consultation regarding credit repair.

Roger Elkind accepts credit repair cases on a case-by-case basis, so please contact the Law Offices of Roger Elkind today to discuss your credit repair case at (305) 444-4413 or text (786) 290-9959 or email

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