Roger S. Elkind, Esq.

Drug Court Defense
Attorney Services for Criminal Law

With the assistance of the attorney and with the agreement of the Court and the State Attorneys Office the client may be eligible for Drug Court.
This is a program where if you attend and complete the treatment successfully in six months or one year you may be eligible for all charges to be dropped. Of course, you would have to attend court monthly in order for the Court to check on your progress. If you are unsuccessfull then the case starts all over again and you still have the right to a Trial. If you are successful and the charges are dropped we can then assist you in sealing your record, removing this from the computer records and giving you a fresh start.

Roger Elkind accepts all drug court cases, so please contact the Law Offices of Roger Elkind today to discuss your drug court case at (305) 444-4413 or text (786) 290-9959 or email

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